Winterizing Your Home

At times owning a home can be tough. Maintenance and repair can be complicated and costly. If you don’t work in the trades, knowing what to do and when can be overwhelming. With winter on the horizon its time to think about winterizing your home, but where do you start !

Its important you are familiar enough with your home that you know which systems and equipment you have. October is usually a good month to start winterizing. Check your local forecast as you want to winterize before there is any threat of freezing or snow.

  • Blow out irrigation system
  • Winterize your swamp cooler
  • Cover your air conditioner
  • Check and replace thermostat batteries
  • Have forced air ducts cleaned and filters replaced
  • Clean your chimney
  • Test your boiler including glycol, zone valves, and burner assembly
  • Inspect roof for rust and proper sealing of all stand pipes and other protrudes (i.e,. snow fence hardware)
  • Clean gutters and take off ground pieces
  • Check the operability of your heat tape system (timers too)
  • Cover up outdoor furniture

This list is not exhaustive. Knowing your property is important. If you have issues identifying and executing maintenance items call a qualified property management and maintenance company today. We at Mountain Valley Properties stand ready to assist in helping you get your home ready for winter. Call us today.