The 5 Best Trends in Home Concierge Services for 2018

The 5 Best Trends in Home Concierge Services for 2018

What do you give the man or woman who has everything? In 2018, the answer is simple but complex to carry out: the very best in home concierge services. In the coming year, we see people shifting from the mindset of having designer things and experiences, to better quality ones. More memorable, more unique.

Exclusivity is not as inaccessible as it was in times past. Home concierge services of today must stay relevant, introducing exciting new offerings and services while keeping the personal experience completely authentic.

Here are the 5 best trends in home concierge services for 2018:

1. Futuristic Services

The top trend in concierge services is in using futuristic tools like robots and other artificial intelligence. For example, Aloft Hotels has “Botler,” a robotic butler that can do all of the room service tasks. The hotel says it is a way to ensure their employees have more time to focus on creating the kind of service they need to provide guests. Meanwhile, “Botler” handles the less personalized tasks.

Home concierge companies may also be employing futuristic team members soon.

2. Home Concierge Apps

Another trend is in concierge apps. One app called “Red Butler” offers access to some of the most VIP venues in the world. This includes everything from hotels and fine restaurants to upgrades and in-home entertainment. They offer guests their own virtual assistant, appealing to business-minded guests’ never-ending quest for better productivity.

3. Technology with Concierge Services

This year, technology also comes with concierge services. The Vertu Signature Touch Smartphone combines cutting edge digital technology and virtual appeal offering worldwide concierge service for an entire year. That’s something you can’t say about most other smartphones. The $10,800 price tag makes it a highly desirable luxury item.

4. Highly Shareable Experiences

Social media keeps the home concierge industry on its toes, but it also allows for creativity in offering guests ways to share the experience on social media channels. This provides the home concierge services market a glimpse into the luxury lifestyle, tantalizing them with products and services, with no advertisement hard-sell.

5. Experiential Luxury

Finally, customers will still expect the highest level of service in home concierge services, and be willing to pay for it if the quality meets or exceeds their expectations. A Boston Consulting Group study found that experience makes up 55 percent of luxury spending on a global level.

At MVP Estate Management & Home Services, we have already incorporated much of the best trends in home concierge services. We exist to give you nothing less than the best possible luxury experience in home management. Our dedicated team of professionals can take care of everything for you — from maintenance work to repairs and home cleaning services. Let us help you enjoy every aspect of your home and truly relax.

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