Regular Home Maintenance adds to the Value of your Home

Want to help Increase Your Home Value, It’s all about Home Maintenance

Want to help increase the value of your Aspen home? I came across an interesting factoid the other day, which by regularly and properly maintaining your home, you can increase the value of your home by 1% per annum (according to a joint study by the University of Connecticut and Syracuse University). This should not be too surprising. We all know about curb appeal, and we all know the difference between a home that has been properly maintained and one that has not.

In fact, if you were to sell your home, you inevitably would have to deal with a home inspector hired by the buyer who would, in turn, would create a whole laundry list of all that needs to be corrected before a buyer would close; or at least significantly influence their buying decision. Unless, of course, it is considered a “tear-down” like some many homes in the Aspen area, that are slated to be scraped and completely built anew.

MVP Will Craft A Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Properly maintaining a home through a carefully crafted preventative maintenance schedule (that is what we do at MVP Property Management) will not only help guarantee that all your house systems are properly functioning at an optimal level but also help prevent catastrophic failure. And the other long-term result is that it protects and potentially increases the value of your property.

MVP Estate & Home Services is the Aspen Snowmass area’s premier full-service property management and residential maintenance company. When we on-board a new property, we assess all your house’s systems and then systematically create a preventative maintenance schedule. And then we implement it through one of the trained property care technicians or expert vendors. We are the area’s go-to service company for all your home maintenance needs. Also we also offer home cleaning and handyman services. Call us today to so that we can help you take the hassles and worries out of properly maintaining your home.