Service, Safety, and Security with MVP Property Maintenance


Have you ever arrived home after being away only to find your pipes have frozen and water is flooding your basement or all the lights in the bathroom aren’t working?

Prevent any inconvenient surprises with MVP property care and maintenance. We’ll make sure everything in your home is working right.

Property Maintenance

Weekly Inspections Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

Weekly walkthroughs ensure that your home is getting the attention it deserves. We pride ourselves on using a proven system that guarantees your home is in optimal condition.

Here are some of the weekly inspections MVP provides for your peace of mind:

  • Regular snow removal
  • Hot tub maintenance
  • Lawn and garden care
  • Monitoring your alarm systems
  • Monitoring your mechanical systems

Preserving Your Home Protects Your Investment

Preventative maintenance is an essential part of home ownership. Being prepared and handling issues before they crop up is the best way to keep your home in top condition. Our services are customized to fit the needs of your home and your lifestyle.

MVP begins with a thorough walkthrough and inspection. We analyze everything about your home including:

  • Plumbing
  • Irrigation
  • Audiovisual
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Fire suppression
  • Lighting
  • Electrical
  • Heating
  • HVAC
  • All your other home systems and equipment

Then we identify and inventory all your home’s systems, developing a schedule to help protect your property investment and keep it running smoothly.

By performing routine maintenance, homeowners can save money and time by increasing the life of equipment and materials, preventing potentially avoidable maintenance issues (and downtime), and protecting your investment in your property. MVP provides all the help you need to maintain and care for your home.

Contact us or give us a call today at (970) 930-8106 to discover how we can help you in caring for your property and your investment. Or email Jim at to find out more.

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