Why Hire an MVP Project Manager?


Your peace of mind.

You’ve dreamed it. You’ve planned it. Now you’re ready to make that new kitchen or garden space a reality. But, sitting down to figure out how you are going to make all this goodness happen has put you a little on overwhelm. The materials, the contractors, the communications. How can you manage all of it and keep your life managed as well?

Let MVP handle your project management needs, of course! Our project managers can oversee all the details of your home remodel or landscaping project. This means you can relax and just enjoy the beautiful results.

project managementProfessionalism and experience make a difference.

As a professional management company, we have a wealth of experience and connections locally that will make your home improvement project happen easily and efficiently.

Our business, estate, and management experience give MVP the edge when it comes to finding the most skilled contractors in the area, locating the best quality materials for the best price, and managing your project effectively, avoiding unnecessary delays or problems.

MVP’s project management service can help:

  • Provide a point of contact –With MVP as the point of contact and communication between all the contractors and vendors, you can avoid the hassles and frustrations of trying to get on the same page. Your MVP Project Manager will handle it all.
  • Increase efficiency– The project manager works with everyone involved to make sure that the job is done right the first time. Saving you time, money, and frustration.
  • Prevent “Project Creep” – Your project manager sets goals and deadlines for key aspects of your home improvement project. This prevents your small cabinet remodel from developing into a complete kitchen overhaul.
  • Manage costs – An MVP project manager controls the costs and the timeframe so that everything gets done within the budget.
  • Manage time – Having an MVP Project Manager set a schedule at the beginning of the project and ensure that everyone involved is sticking to it will avoid costly delays.
  • Arrange for materials and contract help – If your project requires purchasing materials, our project manager oversees the contracts and terms and tracks the invoices to ensure everyone follows through.

Having an experienced project manager for your home improvement project will take the stress out of making your home or garden dream become a reality. Let MVP be your voice.

Contact MPV regarding their Project Management Services today! You can call us at (970)930-8106 or email Jim at Jim@MPVaspen.com. You’ll be relieved you did!

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