Mechanical room

Mechanical rooms can be a scary place for some homeowners. It can be dark, musky, smelly ,and low lit.

On the other hand its important to know your mechanical room more than any other in the house. Many homeowners are focused on the appearance of their house and just keep the door shut on their mechanical room. Its important that you understand that your mechanical room is the heart of your house.

Small problems lead to larger more expensive problems. Either hire a property manager to check on your mechanical room systems weekly or hire a professional to explain your systems and label items you will need to know.

There are gauges to check temperature and pressure that help you check before there is a problem. Also easier symptoms are smells of gas and water on the floor and other signs of that sort ,but knowing what your looking for is key. We as professionals see it time and again how important it is that the homeowner be the first responder and act as our eyes before we get there. Knowing what parts to have on hand and troubleshooting over the phone can save you money. Call you licensed and insured mechanical professional or a property manager today.