Preventative Maintenance Program is a must

Preventative Maintenance Program is a must

Having a Preventative Maintenance Program Means Peace of Mind for You

The beauty and grandeur of the Colorado mountains are matched only by the severity of the climate. MVP Home Services is the year-round answer to every problem for your unattended property. Be sure to have a program for preventative maintenance in place to ensure the beauty and value of your home stay that way.

If you own high-end residential property in the Aspen/Snowmass area, it is likely that you live a dynamic lifestyle. Your busy life means you are not always around to look after your investment. While the idea of a cozy home tucked away amid the serenity of the Roaring Fork Valley is a wonderful luxury, the climate can wreak havoc on your property – especially during the winter months.

Why have a preventative maintenance service for your property?

Severe winter weather carries a number of hazards to residential property. There are a variety of ways the accumulation of snow can damage and devalue your property. The formation of ice in rain gutters, on rooftops and within the pipes of a property present a variety of hazards as well. Also, an unattended residence presents a potential target for unwanted critters and unwelcome guests.

Snow removal

The Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado receives an average of 179 inches (nearly 15 feet) of snow per year. Although much of this gradually melts as more accumulates, the reality is that the stuff piles up – and as mass increases so do the potential for problems.

Unplowed walkways and driveways, especially after a heavy storm, present a hindrance and a danger to you and your family should you come to stay for a winter vacation. MVP Home Services clears away snow from your property line to your front door. This prevents you from getting your vehicle stuck and having to trek through waist-high snow drifts. Once walkways and driveways are cleared, salt is distributed so ice does not form, preventing dangerous slipping hazards.

Trees on your property with branches in close proximity to your home (yes, even conifers) present a danger as well. The snow builds up on branches, causing them to break. As they fall, they can disconnect power lines, break through skylights and windows, and block vehicle access. As part of the MVP Home Services preventative maintenance protocol, your property is surveyed between storms to determine and eliminate tree limbs that may pose a potential threat. After a heavy snowfall, the property is closely inspected to remove new concerns. Preventing damage from falling objects keeps your home intact and the power on so that heating and alarm systems remain operational.

Ice: An expanding threat

As any homeowner knows, freezing water can expand into a variety of serious concerns. Blocked downspouts can cause rain gutters to fill with water. Once frozen, your rain gutters can become weighed down and dislodge from the roof’s edge. Ice dams then form on the rooftop from melting snow that cannot drain away. This causes more water to collect and freeze. As the cycle continues, the rooftop can become stressed until there is a breach. Soon, cold air enters the upper floor and affects electrical circuitry and plumbing.

An event like this can destroy the value of a property, not to mention your plans for a fun-filled seasonal visit. MVP Home Services preventive maintenance will ensure the integrity of your roof’s drainage system, keeping it free from ice.

Water sitting in hoses, faucets, and plumbing pipes is especially damaging to property during freezing temperatures. The average low wintertime temperature in Aspen, Colorado is 9.4 degrees – over 20 degrees below freezing. This presents an ongoing concern for a property with active plumbing. When water freezes, it expands – causing faucets to crack, hoses to split and pipes to explode. A burst pipe in an unattended property can spew hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons of water, causing extremely costly and sometimes irreparable damage.

An MVP Home Services professional preventive maintenance program will address these issues and help preserve the value of your home. Our preventative maintenance services will stop water damage from ever occurring. We will drain outdoor faucet lines and remove connecting hoses before the onset of cold weather. Meanwhile, regular inspection of your property will ensure that minimum heating levels are maintained throughout your home to prevent freezing basement pipes.

Uninvited company

Unattended properties in sparsely populated areas like the Roaring Fork Valley can fall victim to trespassing. This can lead to the destruction of property and devaluation. There are telltale signs that a property is vacant, such as deep snow in the driveway, lack of exterior lighting, and trees bent sideways by accumulating snow. These clues let other people know that you are not around, and present a burglary opportunity or a squatting possibility. Unwanted guests can effectively remove valuables, furniture, appliances and even copper wiring from an unmonitored home.

Your MVP Home Services team will customize a thorough monitoring protocol for your property. Your alarm system is routinely checked to ensure that it is online. Regular visits to the property and physical walks through the home show potential uninvited guests your property is being monitored. A consistent human presence and a well-maintained home security system assure you that the only visitors, human or otherwise, are you, your family, and your intended guests. Also, showing proof to your insurance company that your unoccupied home is being regularly monitored by a professional property management company can help to lower your insurance costs. This is because you are taking proactive risk reduction steps.

Residential property ownership in the Aspen/Snowmass area is a major investment that should be wisely protected. Rest assured knowing that while you are away, a team of property management experts is protecting your home through a detailed set of monitoring protocols. Your team of MVP Home Services professionals is watching over your home to remove the threats of accumulating snow, expanding ice, and possible invaders.

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