Aspen Music Festival 2017

Aspen Music Festival 2017

Aspen Music Festival 2017: Celebrating the Good Life

This year’s Aspen Music Festival promises to enchant with its stellar lineup of artists. Not only will the festival showcase some of classical music’s rising young stars, such as Turkish-American violin sensation Zeynep Alpan, but it also features perennial favorites like Sarah Chang, Reneé Fleming, and Sharon Isbin.

No doubt you will want to take in some of the concerts during the summer-long festival. If you’re hosting music-loving guests, you’ll want to help them celebrate the good life—with some of the finest music on the planet.

On the Aspen Music Festival Calendar – Myths, Fairy Tales, and Fantasy

This year’s Aspen Festival will celebrate the theme “Enchantment:

July 7 — The overture to Mozart’s famed opera, The Magic Flute, tells the adventures of a prince, chased into the woods by an evil snake. There, he discovers a magical kingdom and a magic flute.
July 14 — Prokofiev’s musical rendering of an Italian fairy tale, the Symphonic Suite from The Love for Three Oranges.

July 15 — A faun shares his afternoon with a delighted audience in Debussy’s Impressionist masterpiece, Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun.

July 21 — Inanimate objects will come to life to discipline a naughty child in Ravel’s L’enfant et les Sortilèges.

July 23 — Mermaids will romp through the imagination in Zemlinsky’s symphonic fantasy, The Mermaid.

July 26 — Rimsky-Korsakov’s retelling of the Persian legend of Scheherazade.

July 30 — From the land down under, an Australian aboriginal myth takes on musical life through Christopher Theofanidis’s Dreamtime Ancestors.

August 6 — The famed Firebird Suite by Stravinsky, based on a popular Russian fairy tale.

August 16 – Puppets will take on a life of their own in Stravinsky’s Petrushka.

Aspen Music Festival Headliners

The enchantment doesn’t stop with the repertoire. A dazzling lineup of musicians and other performers will enchant audiences with their talent. Not only will the festival feature students and former students from its famed Music School, but it will also spotlight many of the finest musicians and other entertainers from all over the world.

Here are just a few of the world’s finest that will grace the stage during this year’s festival:

  • Robert Spano: The famed Atlanta Symphony conductor takes up the baton as this year’s Aspen Festival and School Music Director. A six-time Grammy winner, Spano brings his imaginative genius to the festival and the school’s ongoing work.
  • Sharon Isbin: Also a multiple Grammy winner, this versatile classical guitarist has performed everything from Bach lute concertos to film soundtracks to Latin music. A published author and gifted teacher, Isbin continues to perform in as many as 100 concerts every year.
  • Sarah Chang: Renowned for both “virtuosity and…emotional depth,” this gifted violinist has performed to packed halls all over the world since her debut at age eight with the New York Philharmonic, enthralling audiences and critics alike with her stunning performances. Like many world-renowned performers, Chang, also a Grammy Award winner, is an AFMS alumna.
  • Renée Fleming: A full lyric soprano whose vocal technique numbers among the finest the world has ever known, Fleming credits her background in both classical and jazz music for her spot-on phrasing. Her versatility is legendary, encompassing not only operatic roles but also lieder, jazz—of course—and occasionally, indie rock. To date, Fleming has garnered four Grammys for her work.
  • Rufus Wainwright: Classical music performers aren’t all that’s in the lineup at this summer’s Aspen Music Festival. Famed pop singer-turned-composer Rufus Wainwright will take the Aspen stage on July 24. The Grammy Award winner, best known for his rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” credits his eclectic musical style to the influence of 70s singer-songwriter giants such as Steely Dan, Harry Nilsson, Elton John, and, of course, his mother, legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Kate McGarrigle.
  • Garrison Keillor: Popular radio host and author Garrison Keillor has entertained generations of listeners for his homespun tales on the longtime PBS staple, A Prairie Home Companion. Rumors have it that the Grammy-winning humorist plans to retire soon, so fans of the show should make their plans now to travel to Aspen to take in his show on the Aspen Music Festival stage.

If you have friends or family who plan to visit you in Aspen this summer, plan to take in a few shows while they’re in town. For a complete list of performers, see the Aspen Music Festival’s entire lineup.

For performance dates, consult the Aspen Music Festival and School calendar.

Celebrate the Good Life…with Your Festival Guests

No doubt your out-of-town friends and family have circled a few of the concerts on the festival’s calendar that are must-attends while they’re in town. After all, you invited them to drop in this summer during their mountain vacations.

But how about you? If you’re busy making arrangements for your guests, you may be too worn out to celebrate with them. Here’s an idea: Find a way to entertain without worries, without stress.

You may have always been one of the “do-it-yourself’ers” when it comes to the extra housework it takes to clean up after the guests have all gone to bed, visions of sweet music echoing in their ears.

Yet you, too, need to celebrate the good life. After all, you didn’t move to Aspen to become someone’s housemaid.

Let’s say you host a family for a week during the music festival. You’d like to go to one of the late afternoon concerts and return for a post-concert dinner at your home.

You have three choices.

1. Transform into SuperMom or SuperDad.

You could prepare food beforehand, leave it in the fridge, head off to the concert, and then scramble like the dickens to get everything ready when you get back home. Just when you want to relax for an intimate dinner with treasured friends, you have dinner to prepare. So much for the pre-dinner conversation over cocktails on the patio. You’re stuck in the kitchen. Not to mention, after your guests retire for the night, there you are, scrubbing and scraping. Not the good life. Not at all.

2. Put on a martyr’s crown.

You could stay home from the concert, send your partner or spouse off with your guests, and spend hours preparing a gourmet feast. You’ll have to settle for YouTube videos of Reneé Fleming playing in the background while you marinate those lamb chops for the grill and slice those tomatoes for the salad. No live concert for you.

After dinner, while your family and guests relax over drinks by the pool, you’ll be gathering up dishes to carry into the kitchen. Loading the dishwasher. Carrying the linens to the laundry room. Again, after your guests settle in for a good sleep, you’ll be up past midnight. More scrubbing and scraping. Not what you’d call “celebrating the good life.”

3. Celebrate the good life at the Aspen festival with friends and family.

You could hire a domestic services provider to take care of your dinner from start to finish. You can leave for the concert with your guests in tow, enjoy the music, the fresh outdoors, and return refreshed. When you arrive, your table will be set, each course will be served—fresh and delicious. Or, you can enjoy cocktails and appetizers on the patio before dinner, without you having to lift a finger.

After dinner, linger as long as you want around the table. Debate with your guests about whether Sarah Chang or Joshua Bell is the better violinist. You can have the last word—you won’t have to cut the conversation short to tidy up after dinner.

Move the gathering into the den in front of a roaring fire if it’s one of those chilly mountain evenings in late summer. When you finally retire for the night, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief. Even though you have to work the next morning, you’ll be rested and refreshed. You won’t have had to do a thing.

A pipe dream? In the past, have the domestic services you’ve hired for gatherings been in the way of you and your guests? Did they serve the wrong menu or offer your guests ice-cold hot dishes? Perhaps you haven’t had the right people in charge.

A Professional Domestic Service Provider Can Help

Here’s where a discreet domestic service provider can help. With a highly trained domestic professional, you need not worry about your privacy—nor your preparation and cleanup. It will be as if you had an extra pair of hands that keep working long after you’ve taken your leave. Whether it is housekeepers, chefs, servers, sitters, drivers or even butlers, MVP can be your solution.

For the ultimate in domestic services to help you celebrate the good life—at the Aspen Music Festival and all year long—contact MVP Estate Management and Home Services today. Call us at (970) 930-8106 or email at